Irvine Beach Park Cyclocross

November 28, 2013  •  1 Comment

I had a great time at the Irvine Cyclocross last Sunday (see ). What a great spectator sport with a huge circuit to wander round and get really close to the competitors. Shooting sport is something new for me and sometimes it's good to get out and try your hand at different things and learn while you're at it. Best piece of equipment on the day? My gloves; it was baltic! See also their Facebook page.

I've taken some of the images of the day a little bit further to try and make them stand out from the crowd. (Look on Flickr and there are a million photos from that Sunday). Here's just a selection that I thought looked nice with a wee bit of extra treatment in Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC and Nik Color Efex Pro 4.

I'll certainly be looking forward to the event next year.


Irvine Beach Park Cyclocross 24th Nov. 2013.


1.Jim Stevenson(non-registered)
Some nice shots Martin. Quite 'arty' in a good way. The fill in flash has worked well without being obvious, so well handled. The great thing about such events is that the subjects pass by again and again, allowing you to experiment with different settings. Several in POTW this week. F*** will dismiss them as altered reality, and typical formulaic club stuff. Will we care? :)
My second shot of the day was the best, so I should have gone home rather than take another 400 rubbish ones! :D:D:D
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