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March 12, 2013  •  2 Comments

Centrestage fans

Did you know you can now buy prints from the shows?

Well the news gets better as we have a Special Price Drop offer on just now not to be missed!

Purchase prints, framed prints or collage prints of your favourite moments from the recent Full Monty show. The link to the gallery is here.

Prices have been slashed especially for our Centrestage followers! 100% of profits from sales go to Centrestage and will help to keep entertaining you with future spectacular productions.

Order direct from the website and get them delivered straight to your door. Ordering is easy to do and delivery is fast. Watch out for more exciting Centrestage shows appearing here. Prints are high quality so don’t make do with printing from low resolution Facebook images! Get the real deal great quality products right here and fast!

PLUS WE HAVE A BONUS DEAL: Spend £30 and save yourself £5 by using Coupon Code LETITGO at checkout!!! We’re giving them away!!!

If you need help with ordering just drop Martin a Facebook Message , Tweet him or contact him through his website.

Here's an example of how your framed print could look. You can customise the frame colour and style as well as the mount colour and style (the basic price includes a plain black frame and plain coloured mount). Note that my copyright watermark won't appear on your prints.

Example of 16" x 12" portrait collage print. Add any images from the gallery to build your own personal memory of the show.



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