A morning at the park

March 06, 2014  •  1 Comment

When Laura and Ryan asked me to make some images of their children, Cara and Jack, at the park I was delighted to help out. However getting a Sunday that was rain/wind/snow/sleet/hail free was harder than we thought. Luckily after a good few weekends of weather watching the weather eventually gave us an hour or so free of the worst and the sun actually came out.

This is the kind of photography that I love to do and is both challenging and rewarding. With two young children on the loose in the park it can be quite difficult, for parents especially, to get some nice images whilst trying to control the kids at the same time. From experience of chasing my own son, Ewan, round the park I know how difficult it is.

More often than not all the parent ends up with is disappointing blurry grab shots on their phone and nothing really suitable for printing and displaying on the living room wall. Barely suitable for Facebook too....is it just me or is anyone else fed up of folk uploading really bad photos to Facebook? Some are so bad that descriptions are mandatory for working out what the images are!

So having someone come along that can stand back from fun and capture it as it unfolds is a great way of ensuring that candid moments are successfully captured. This is exactly what Laura and Ryan asked me to do at our local park and it was a pleasure to be part of their morning.

I've been visiting the Dean Park in Kilmarnock for many years, even doing some voluntary tree management with the Rangers there when I was in my early teens and as my children were growing up it was and still is a firm favourite. It's a beautiful big park and with a castle that is a Kilmarnock icon.

The castle is undergoing some renovation work at the moment so access is limited and there's a lot of scaffolding. However I find that round the back of the castle there are some great and often missed areas that provide great settings for photos.

Scooters and bikes are great props but I needed my trainers on to keep up with them; they were off like a shot from the start!

After an hour of accompanying them my time was up, my memory card was full and the kids were ready for their afternoon snooze. A great way to spend an eventually dry Sunday morning. Hopefully I captured all the fun at the park for them but you can judge for yourself as I've included a few images from the shoot below.

If you fancy getting some nice images of your kids having fun just get in contact and we can set something up.

Many thanks again to Laura, Ryan, Cara and Jack.


Nancy Gilmour(non-registered)
great photos as usual Martin.x
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