Shell Shock at Centrestage

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've had a few memorable nights at Centrestage in Kilmarnock but last weekend's performance of Shell Shock completely blew me and the rest of the packed-in audience away. The mega talented Marlisa Ross's self choreographed, written and directed performance about local Kilmarnock men going off to join the army and on to fight in the First World War had drama, energy, humour, heartbreak, fear, empathy and remembrance all rolled into an emotional roller coaster of a show. Never have I witnessed a 5 minute standing ovation with no cheering only applause as everyone rose in what I can only describe as a show of respect for both the cast for their performance and the men and women they portrayed.

Everyone lived out the journey of the men. I'm no theatreland critic as you can tell but I just had to reflect on such a great performance. There's a lot of images from the show that I took but some scenes I couldn't even bring myself to photograph due to either the emotion or just out of respect for the moment. The cast had us all living it out. Many powerful performances from a great cast. Lets hope it's repeated as it was incredible. Well done Marlisa and the cast.


Full gallery of images are here 

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