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Digital Files - What I offer

February 02, 2017

So we've had our photo session, you've loved every second of it and can't wait to see the results and show everyone. Me too!

It's been my job to make you look your best and I've spent a lot of time making sure your images from the session look great. Right from the start with camera settings, lighting and posing and then onto editing. I'll have maybe removed a wayward hair, an extra wrinkle or a blemish along the way just to make sure you are looking amazing. That ball of white fluff that appeared on your shoulder during the session, gone in a Photoshop click. That's my hard work behind the scenes that no one sees me doing. All done to produce professional images for you to choose from and I'll hopefully have spoiled you for choice when you opened your online image gallery for the first time. 

But ultimately what do you want at the end of the day from your images?

Well, what you think you want and what you actually need are possibly entirely different things and as a professional photographer it is my job to use my expertise to advise and guide you through the process. 

Asking me for digital files from your photo session is understandable. We live in an age where everything these days is digital and instant. Everyone's snapchatting and taking selfies and two seconds later they are shared with friends or on social media for all the world to see. Anyone can do it and don't forget to apply those amazing age reducing and beautifying filters when you do. I even do it when I manage to get my hair into a particularly good side shed! 

Some photographers are happy to take photos for you and just give you a CD or USB stick with the high resolution files on it for you to find somewhere maybe cheaper to get them printed. For the photographer this is easy to do and it's a quick hassle free sale for them and on to the next client. That's fine, as every photographer has their own business model, but for me I think this is half a service. It's like giving you all the ingredients and asking you to make a cake without a recipe to follow. Yes you might make a cake that's edible but maybe it could have been better, lighter, tastier? Same thing applies to printing digital files.

This is not the experience I want to leave you with. I don't want to leave you with the hassle of finding somewhere to print the files and then having the disappointment of seeing the prints look different from the files. How do you know to use the correct colour profile to ensure your prints match the file? Have you calibrated your monitor? Can you even remember where you put the CD/USB? The chances are that those files will sit on that CD/USB for some time because you just don't know where to get them printed. Maybe you just want to load them all onto Facebook? Go for it and watch how Facebook crushes all that gorgeous work.

My passion is for my clients to have beautiful photographs displayed on the walls or sideboards in their homes or in albums to pass around and enjoy every day. A professionally produced photographic print stored well will outlive digital files and the media they are stored on. Fact. Computers, phones and iPads crash, files get lost, technology changes faster every year but photographs last. I've got boxes full of family photos; parents as teenagers, grandparents in ball gowns and uniforms, me as a baby (that wasn't yesterday). I've even got my grandfather's and uncle's photo albums from the Second World War (they are amazing by the way). They are just so much nicer to view, hold and touch than an electronic device. Don't forget photos make great gifts too. Can you imagine your granny's face if you handed her a CD of your images on her birthday? Would she not rather have those photos in frames or in an album?

With every print my client buys though, I will provide them with a low resolution digital file of that same image. I'll even size it for you so it looks great on Facebook too. I want you to show your friends the photos I made for you but please don't apply filters when you post them is all I ask.

So if you've read till the end you'll know why I don't give away my high resolution image files. Prints all the way!

Here's a digital image displayed maybe 4 inches heigh on your iPad screen or smaller on your phone. Think it looks good? You should see how amazing this looks professionally printed and framed hanging on my kitchen wall 20 inches high!

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